ًWork Packages

WP3 Fresh products, Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) stabilization treatment, sensory and consumer optimization, shelf life, packaging.

The WP aims to characterize and select the most suitable plant materials for citrus transformation aiming to reduce costs and increase efficiency of industrial process used. The goal is: improving the fresh fruit quality to have citrus minimally processed finished products of high quality; identifying the best consumer and market proposal (packaging, label, nutritional claim) by consumer tests

  • Varieties selection, elimination of non-edible parts.
  • First field transformation to avoid quality losses.
  • Minimal packaging to avoid food contamination during transport and commercialization (plastic, paper, trays, boxes, cardboard…).
  • Increase of shelf life of fresh / raw products. Shelf life studies also by means of consumer preference (survival analysis).
  • Control of pests, pesticides and fertilizers wastes.
  • Sanitization and microbiological contamination. Quality control. Other contaminants. 
  • Optimization of transport conditions: humidity, temperature, green antifungal treatments, atmosphere control inside the containers / lorry.
  • Sensory and consumer analysis, identification of the market needs (packaging, label, nutritional claim) by consumer tests.