ًWork Packages

WP5 Valorization of all industrial wastes in order to extract, using green procedures, bio-functional molecules.

In WP5 will be developed innovative affordable, sequential and integrated green processing of citrus by-products (pulp, peel and seeds) aiming to fractioning and recovering high added value molecules through precipitation and membrane methods. All new molecules and extracts will be characterized according their main composition for their biological activity, structure and functionality and adequate applications will be developed. The main expected achivements in WP5 are:

  • Green compost to avoid chemicals.
  • Concentration (membrane or vacuum) of extracts to be used as natural ingredients and stabilization by drying (spray drier and/or freeze drying).
  • Extraction added value biomolecules to be used as green pesticides, functional foods, cosmetics.
  • Extraction of polysaccharides and hydrogel preparation as polymeric cross-linked network structures used in the field of agriculture, pharmaceutical and biomedical purposes.
  • Alternatively the release of green pesticides will be controlled by encapsulation in new hydrogel based on the modified cellulosic wastes, indicated in the literature for NPK fertilizers.